Where else but Waxx?!

The process of finding that perfect wax artist can be as painful as the process itself! I know personally how emotional the whole process can be, the awkward period of growing out your brows to the excitement of getting an appointment to then the very underwhelming end result where it feels like you are constantly surprised for the next four weeks.. Trust me I’ve met them all. That is until I found my angel’s in red who reside at 53 Hotham St Traralgon, Victoria in a beautiful red and white salon by the fitting name of ‘WAXX Bar’. From my first Hollywood Brows Treatment with salon manager Maddy, I haven’t looked back.

Since getting my brows to the shape I have always desired I decided to try out some of the other treatments on offer, one being ‘Threading’ now I’m not going to lie, it’s not something you under take to wind down – but beauty is pain right? However with the results from those little cotton string’s I really can’t complain. The speed that the girls whip your brows into shape is unbelievable. I find that after having my brows threaded I can go 6 weeks between treatment’s and can defiantly notice a difference, hair’s are much finer and amount of hairs growing back are far less! YAY.

I sat down and had a chat with brow whiz and salon owner Sinead Brand on my last visit and had her answer some pressing questions on the topic on hand…

Waxing or Threading?
Depending on the individual and circumstance’s both are fantastic treatments. When it comes to super smooth skin on the body our specialised wax always gives a smooth finish and is gentle on areas like the legs and bikini (we often get client’s commenting on how pain-less our Brazilians are with our gentle wax!)
Exfoliating with a Riffi Mitt prior to body waxing will give you the best result and help prevent ingrown hairs & skin irritation.

Riffi Mitt - Available instore.
Threading is your answer for any facial fluff! Blonde fluffy hair on the lips, cheeks and chin are easily removed by our specialised threading technique which uses a cotton thread looped to remove the hair by the root. It is far more gentle on the skin than waxing and leaves a hair free finish. Perfect for those who desire a smooth prep before applying makeup. Threading is great for sensitive skins or those on medications like roaccutane that aren’t allowed to wax. When it comes to brow shaping threading gives the ultimate in definition and a clean line around the arch!

As Gippsland’s premium Anastasia Beverly Hills stockist you must own the complete range – what product can’t you leave the house without applying?
Definitely my Brow Powder & Tinted Brow Gel! I have almost every ABH product in my makeup drawer but these are usually my go to on a daily basis. (Even at 5am in the morning I’ll pop some powder on before gym- always need to have brows!)
During the summer time I swap powder for the Dipbrow Pomade as its water proof and great for swimming & humid days.

Dip Brow Pomade

Brow Powder Duo

For the ladies that over plucked those brows back in the day.. Is there hope for them?
Most definitely! The ABH Brow Kit’s are the first step to re-grow over plucked eyebrows as they contain 5 stencils to train your brows from a petite shape right into a full arch. Clients can powder their brows in using the stencil and can easily see where to pluck at home, many also prefer to have their shaping done in salon with our Hollywood Brow Service to ensure symmetry.
Often if a client has been growing out there eyebrows for more than 8-12 months and still aren’t happy with the result we recommend enhancing them with our Feather Touch Microblading technique which simulates hair strokes beneath the skin with pigment . It’s amazing for filling the gaps and creating a fuller eyebrow with a natural finish. We often have a lot of clients who have undergone medical treatment and due to excessive hair loss have been able to transform their brows with the feather touch. It’s amazing to see the instant result and how confident women can feel with perfect brows. The treatment generally takes about 2 hours and lasts 12-18 months with a annual touch up required to keep the colour fresh.

Brow Kit and Stencils

What is your ultimate Waxx Treatment?
Brows brows brows! Our Brow Bar is pumping on a daily basis, so I would have to say our brow services are our ultimate WAXX treatment. Having your eyebrows professionally groomed and shaped make an instant difference to your face. I love having my brows threaded & tinted. For those with unruly eyebrows that have grown out of shape try the Anastasia Hollywood shaping technique!

And I couldn’t agree more with that last statement, the feeling you get from knowing your brows are – as Kim would say ‘On point’   gives you the confidence to go out and kick your goals. I highly recommend the Hollywood brow treatment especially if it your first treatment with Waxx – it will show you the overall goal of where these girls can take your brows!! If you are in the area make sure you do your brows a favour and make an appointment – which mind you, is as easy as heading to

WAXX Bar TraralgonWAXX Mobile


May you all find your own perfect WAXX Angel!