Cooly really does Rock On

Bop Jonny's flat lay

The expression “following the sunshine” was taken quite literally this past week, when I undertook an epic road trip from Melbourne to Coolangatta, Queensland – for the ever so popular Cooly Rocks on Festival and to say I wasn’t the only one would be an understatement, as the crowds were cruising in by the hundreds in there coverted classic cars!

I was lucky enough to ride alongside Zoe and Jon from Alley Catz Rock n Swing School based here in Melbourne and was able to get access to some of the festivals greatest attractions! This was my fifth year at this particular festival, so spotting some regular 50’s styled faces was a delight – catching up with rockabilly beauty Kat Creasy from My Little Rockabilly is always a must so that she can get you hair and makeup ready for any retro inspired festivities your poodle skirt claded heart desires! Not to mention you get to lounge around in Kat’s decked out mobile beauty van – well let the picture do the talking!

Kat Creasy

As you peruse around the vintage market over the long weekend, you are in for a treat as a sea of fashionably clad families stroll around, you are sure to feel underdressed if you are in anything but a chiffon head scarf and a vintage dress! And of course we can’t forget about the attention the ladies take to perfect that porcelain white glow and a velvet red lip. It really feels you have taken a moment and stepped back in time as the roar of a 57 Chev drives by and couples dance in the street to the sounds of their favourite rock and roll bands.

Who doesn't love a hot pink Chev?

A stroll around the market wouldn’t be complete with out a quick stop to the Reid Street Kitchen market stall – seriously with all the delicious vintage themed treats on offer its hard to choose – but after five years of visiting, I think there is a clear winner – the GIANT Chocolate Lamingtons are a true stand out! And judging by how quickly they sell out I think the masses agree with me! I have tried to capture there size in images but you really have to experience them to believe!


Mi Mon Moi also popped up in the Bop Jonny’s marquee, with our new lipstick range from Lou Lou Lips a sure crowd pleaser! Bop Jonny’s is always the go to destination for the die hard dancers! With many claiming to go straight there when they land in Cooly to grab the latest in dance shoes on offering in their size before they’re all gone! Zoe and Jon have done a marvellous job building Bop Jonny’s up to what it is today and I wish the new owners Mark and Suzanne all the best in this fabulous industry! Make sure you check out what they have on offer online.

Bop Jonny's and Lamingtons!

I hope one day you get to experience this amazing event and can gain the knowledge and share in on the enthusiasm that is truely still alive for the faboulus 50’s

Well done Cooly Rocks On committee on another great event!