When just being well isn’t enough any more, Chapter #1

There comes a time in your life when you stop and think about where you have come from and where you want to go – and I’m not just talking about going to the fridge to get another Maxibon (or what ever your latest comfort addiction may be) – I’m talking about the fact that you realise that you have been yo – yoing your life through every diet known to man – you have told your self for countless years that next week is the week where you will change, you will get serious about that gym membership you purchased but always seem to be too busy to attend – cause seriously, its cold out and that new season of Orange is the New Black is too crucial to miss, right?

Ladies, I know I’m not alone when I ask if you can relate to this. I could fill this post with a list of the excuses I have told myself over the years as to why I still don’t have the body of Elyse Knowles – but instead I’m going to tell you about my recent epiphany and why I’m so excited for this next chapter, cause seriously that’s what life’s about – experiencing, reflecting, making necessary changes and moving onto the next chapter. Someone recently told me that life is a game and how you play it depicts what you get out of it – and I want to play to win, not to drift through feeling sorry for myself because I cant fit into that new Balmain bandage dress… Would be nice though #sigh
So this leads me to my next chapter, where I have discovered through reflecting on my last one that I have put so much pressure on myself to just be ‘skinny’ that I forgot about the whole process! These girls I look up to aren’t like this because they are more special than me – they are just a couple of chapters ahead of me. In the sense that they sorted their priorities out along time ago. I have spent countless hours hating on myself because I felt so worthless for not being able to stick to these ridiculous diets long enough to get to my ‘goal weight’ that I forgot to ever assess as to why they never worked for me (or anyone) and I put that down to because I never had a plan! I always went in head first thinking that if I just eat this bacon and eggs for breakfast and cut out the bread then surly I will have the body that this credited book shows (yes I really did believe this – even lost 10kg – then gained 15 back…) I am now 28 years old and feel exhausted at the thought of ever signing up for another fad diet – for me they are just never going to work, I realise this now and through planing I think I am on the road for a great journey. For me now, its not about being a particular clothing size – its about nourishing my body and mind – a total wellbeing experience. From my bad food choices and lack of physical activity my body has reached a point where it has had enough and it’s first point of punishment for me is to give me the face of a pubesent teenager – I have seriously never had acne before (except for maybe the occasional pimple after a solid easter session) but nothing to concern me – currently however, no product in my bulging cosmetic case will hide the fact that my forehead is the same texture as the coursest of sandpapers (maybe a little exaggeration there – but its bad) !
This is why I decided that I needed to enlist the help of a great team to work with, to help me make the appropriate changes in my life as well as diet and educate my mind out of my previously unrealistic goals – I am now so focussed on doing this for me and only me – I don’t need the ‘inspo’ photos stuck to the wall in front of my treadmill as I now realise that will never be me – I am my own project and I need to stop torturing myself. My goals now are to work with the amazing nutritionist that is Olivia Arezzolo – her instagram newsfeed is seriously always so inspiring with her array of nourishing and nutritional meals that I cant wait to see what she has installed for me,

Nothing worth doing comes easy – so what better way to start a new chapter than with a challenge, I thought 28days was a  good number. Come August 1st I will be putting my self out of my comfort zone and working with my team to hopefully transform my mindset and become a healthier, happier version of myself and if I loose a few kilo’s along the way well yeah that would be great but honestly I’m just looking forward to being active, setting and accomplishing some goals and seeing what this lifestyle has to offer me.

I will be following Olivia’s meal plan, training in group fitness classes with Kristal from The Movement Hub and will also be enjoying their Infrared Sauna to eliminate unwanted toxins – more on the benefits of this in upcoming posts. I will also be undergoing skin consultations and treatments with skin therapist Sinead from SKINN Bar to tackle my dry wintery skin and say buh bye to those pesky blemishes – and if I can prevent a few unwanted line’s, well I won’t say no to that! All before, during and after images will be posted in upcoming posts.

Olivia Arezzolo










My goal with this challenge is to obviously benefit my own life and health but I am also even more excited to be able to share my journey with all of you. Beauty really does come from within – if we look after our health and total wellbeing we really do feel better in everything else we try to accomplish.

If you have any questions along the way please feel free to email me at [email protected] – or you may even have some suggestions I can share with others! All opinion’s I share are my own and all meal ideas I will be sharing are based on dietary requirements for me – to be used, or not, by you at your own discretion. I look forward sharing this experience with you all – #PositiveVibesOnly

Remember – it all starts August 1st, if you want to join in with me, make sure you #MMM28DayChallenge so I can see your progress and motivational images on Instagram!