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Mind, Body, Spirit – Olivia’s View

Elle James, your life is about to transform. You’re well aware of the body hate, self sabotage and unrealistic pressure you’ve placed upon yourself in the past. You’re conscious of the fact that it hasn’t been about being healthy, it’s been about being skinny. And you acknowledge the relationship between your body, how you feel and what you put in it. And most importantly, you know that you want this to be different. And it will. Just you see.

See, you’re not trying to change from the outside in (eg. a weight loss program without considering how you look, think or consider food and your body). You’re reprogramming your mindset to be healthier, balanced and focused on wellness. The more you are clear upon these factors, rather than ‘weight loss’ or ‘being a size X’ – the more sustained, consistent and successful your efforts will be. Although i’ve been enlisted here for nutrition advice, with a background in psychology there is no way I am not telling you the most important part of this process: your mindset. I strongly encourage you, and all your followers on a similar journey, to write goals about what it means to you – to be healthy. What does it look like? How does it feel? Why do you want to feel this way? Write it down, and each morning, scan through. Remind yourself of why you are on this path and trust me – you’ll empower your mind.

Elle's Goals

The next 28 days you’ll be engaging in new activities – infrared saunas, cooking unfamiliar meals, exercising in strange ways and doing weird stuff like drinking spirulina shots (shudder). Sometimes you’ll hate it, be confused or wondering what the hell you are doing. That’s ok. Think of it as if you were a child, learning to walk. Except you are an adult, learning to be healthier.


Trust the journey, that you’ve got experts guiding and supporting you and that the best results: weight loss, clarity of your skin, increased energy and stamina, improved immunity, less moodiness, enhanced quality of sleep, greater cognitive performance, faster recovery from exercise… and a sense of self trust, love and confidence.. will come over time: so give it time.

You’ve got this. Trust the process. And embrace the journey: you’re about to step into a world of self love, nourishment and gratitude for how incredible your body can be – mind, body, spirit.

Olivia Arezzolo.