Numéro Un – Day One

How does that saying go – nothing worth doing is easy? Well I can defiantly agree there – not to say that I don’t feel proud of my accomplishments for the day – but I’m still not going to sit here and tell you that today was easy, because it wasn’t! Here is a breakdown of my day…
5:30am – Alarm goes off, abruptly I snooze and think to myself, surely it can’t be time to get up now, it’s so cold outside, my bed is so warm – I mentally visualise the gyms schedule in my head and think to myself, maybe I could just catch the 6pm class tonight after work..
5:45am – My second snooze goes off, I mentally slap myself across that face and rip the blankets off! Who am I kidding – I immediately stop making excuses and race to get dressed for my first class at the MVNT Hub  with the ever inspirational Kristal!
6:01am – I arrive and am pleasantly surprised to see the happy faces of other gym goers who are lunging their way up and down the room to the commands of Kristal – I jump right in and not before a lot of puffing and sweating its 7am – I DID IT!! My first day class accomplished and I couldn’t be happier with myself.

MVNT HubAmie - Kristal - Emma
7:10am – Back at I home I open my fridge and pull out the bowl of pre-cooked Quinoa I made up the night before, I scoop out my recommended portion size (and am slightly embarrassed by the notable size difference I see to my normal porridge scoop :/ ) – I then mix with my Prana Vanilla Protein powder and 1teaspoon of Greens and mix with water – to be honest, what I seen in the bottom of my bowl was certainly not the thing dreams are made of, but I proceeded to follow Olivia’s advice and to take the time to sit down and slowly eat my meal as to help with digestion and to gather my thoughts – and in those 15 minutes I put down my phone and opened up a magazine – that’s right, an actual hard copy magazine and I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on the latest trends and flipping the glossy pages of the latest Vogue! It honestly set me up for the day – my mood was elevated, happy with my gym success and happy that I took that extra 15 minutes to clear my head! That is until we get too…

12pm – Lunch time! I was organised, meal prepped in the fridge waiting for me – what I wasn’t prepped for was walking into my home to the smells of my partner’s hot pie lunch while I spritzed my Quinoa salad with balsamic.. But I was strong, I poured myself a mug of organic green tea, put on some gangsta rap and dealt with it!

Aside from a slight tension – headache, which I am told is normal with a dramatic change of diet (no sugar) I would say day one was a success – I made it to the gym, I didn’t give into temptation of breaking my meal plan and I gained a massive confidence boost in the thought that this journey has truely started and I couldn’t be more excited to see where it takes me!

But for now I’m off to cleanse my face in preparation for my first DMK skin analysis and treatment at SKINN Bar tomorrow morning! #Yay  and of course I will be sure to keep you all posted on my thoughts on that!