Numéro Quatre – Day Four

Day four and going strong! My willpower that is – not my quivering arms from all of those nasty burpies Kristal had us doing at last nights class! But seriously loving this journey and can’t believe I’m only four days in – the change in my mood and energy levels are like nothing I have ever experienced before. From cutting out dairy and following Olivia’s deliciously satisfying meal plan I have a whole new appreciation for ‘healthy food’ – I have been using Food Matters – Greens each morning in my breakfast

Food Matters Greens

and am defiantly feeling the noted benefits – I have a bounce in my step that I haven’t had in some time now. I have been moping around for so many month’s now, feeling sorry for myself that I had even forgotten about all the things I have always loved – dressing up! My wardrobe, up until today had consisted in ‘black and stretchy’ anything that fell into that category – I owned it – that is until today – when my alarm went off and I bounced out of bed, downed my mug of warm water with Lemon juice and rummaged through the back of my wardrobe to pull out my old favourite crisp white chiffon shirt, pressed my Portman’s trousers and unwrapped my new Tony Bianco suede boots! I had a definate bounce in my step as I walked in this morning and I loved it! I don’t know if it’s the food, the exercise, the infrared sauna sessions – or maybe it was my amazing Enzyme treatment I underwent on Tuesday at SKINN Bar


seriously this was the most intense facial I have ever undergone – the beautiful Tahlia talked me through the whole process and I couldn’t be more impressed! From the initial consult, to the the array of DMK products on display I couldn’t be more excited to begin – the 1.5hour treatment begins like normal, a cleanse (obsessed with their cleanser) a toner – but then before you know, it’s time for the Enzyme masque to be applied – which is where things get serious, the masque is applied to you chest, neck and face which rapidly set’s these areas into a rock hard state – were talking no movement, stationary, for the next 45minutes! It was then time to rinse off and I was anxious to see if I would have the ‘Plasmatic effect’ I had read so much about – and yes, I did – The Plasmatic effect is the result of blood vessels and lymph nodes responding to the actions induced by the enzyme treatment, this peculiar effect is only last’s about 20minutes after the treatment, it look’s creepy I know- but Tahlia informs me that this is a great sign that the treatment has truly been successful in removing unwanted toxins and dead skin tissues.

Plasmatic Effect

As a makeup artist knowing that a perfect base comes from well looked after, nourished skin couldn’t ring more true – thats why I have truly loved adding the DMK range to my daily routine – just from using it for the last week I can already tell a massive difference in the texture and moisture levels – truly in love with the range and can’t wait to compare my before shots at the end of the challenge!

I know all you beautiful readers must be thinking by now that you need to book in ASAP for your own Enzyme treatment – that is why I have organised with the generous team at SKINN Bar to give TWO of my lucky readers the opportunity to win a voucher to put towards this very treatment! #YAY – So make sure you head over to our Instagram or Facebook page and follow the prompts to enter!


Well for now I’m off to unwrap the new season collection of Running Bear goodies that I picked up today from Howard & Schuback’s 🙂