Quick Tips

My quick tips for the women on the go – ladies, the following tips will hopefully help you to achieve a beautiful glowing complexion for the busy women on the go – because honestly, who dose’nt want that extra five minutes with your coffee in the morning, yet to still step out the door with the perfect pout!?

And ladies, let me tell you, its all in the prep work! Ever wondered why your lips dont hold your lipstick for hours like advertised, why your concealer ceases to conceal and why your skin won’t glow like it does in the magazines.. and do you know what the three simple steps it takes to achieve these much desired aspects of makeup application?
* Hydration – This is key! Chapped lips will disappear with a hydrated body, skin will be plumper and overall refreshed.

* Exfoliation – there is no chance of achieving a seamless, natural dewy base without regular exfoliation. My go to exfoliant is something that is going to suit all skin types, it is so accessible that you probably have part of the mixture in your pantry! I mix one part BiCarbonate soda with two parts QV creme cleanser.. thats it! Simply massage into the skin in small circular motions, making sure you get right in around your nostrils, cheeks and forehead and then simply remove with a damp was cloth and wallah, you have beautifully revived, fresh skin! The fibres of the BiCarb are so small and delicate that there is no harsh abrasion, so no redness or distress to sensitive skin.

* Moisturise – moisture is a necessity, I have people who tell me they get their moisturiser when they apply their foundation – statements like these are what my nightmares are made of! Every morning after washing my face I go to my favourite moisturiser – Ciacifalate by Avene – you can pick this amazing product up from Priceline. It is so gentle on the skin, creates the perfect nourishing base to your foundation and will keep you hydrated all day. The benefits of this product could be another complete blog post on their own! At night however, after all of my makeup is removed I lather my face and neck with ‘Egyptian Magic’ – another Priceline must have! This products title is truly not lying to you! It is magic!! Supple, glowing, beautiful skin is what it delivers. Overnight it can transform and dark dry patches back to perfection. But remember – NIGHT time application – I will be able to see your oily glow a mile away if you try to use this during the day!!

So, now that we have the prep work outlined, the rest is truly simple. By making sure that you follow the above key steps the rest will come so much easier – products will glide on with east and actualy last! Which is truly what we all want from our products, for them to do what they tell us they will deliver.

In terms of getting our makeup done quickly, I’m not going to tell you set a stop watch and thats how long you’re going to have to get a complete face of makeup done, in fact I’m going to tell you the opposite, to slow down and look at your face, what mood are you feeling as you sit there looking into the mirror? Are you thinking; “damn, those eyebrows are looking in good shape today” or maybe “Im feeling fresh, confident and happy – I’m going to rock that pink lipstick today.” What ever it might be, pick a feature and make it work! Do that one feature the best you have ever done and pair everything else right back. If you’re feeling that bold lip, do your prep work then do a light dewy base of maybe, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, a tap of cream blush to the apple of the cheeks (I am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and a swoosh of mascara to your CURLED lashes (ladies, everyone has 10seconds to curl their lashes – trust me, your lifted eyes will thank me later) brush up your brows and then spend your bulk of time on your lip, I’m talking, pull out your array of pencils, pick the colour you’re feeling for the day and take the time to sketch out the perfect lip line (I always fill my complete lip in with the pencil first and then apply lipstick over the top, this helps to grip the colour longer) then complete with the perfect shade of lippy. Voila – thats it. Don’t keep adding, thats when things start to get messy. Less is defiantly more in this instance. This is also going to give you a much more manageable look when you only need to keep one aspect in check.

* Added tip – for the ladies that tend to shine up around the T-zone, I ask you to put down the powder and reach for the blotting paper, if you’re not already onto this tip, then you can thank me later! Tell me, what happens when you add moisture to flour? You get a paste right? Well thats exactly the same when you a heavy dusting of powder to combat your shine – a thick, messy paste all over your face! Instead, simply hold a piece of blotting paper to the shining area for a few seconds and watch the shine disappear, if you still feel like you want to be more matt than feel free to powder away now – at least all the moisture is gone and you are simply just mattifying the area.

And there you have it – a quick, on the go makeup look. But dont forget, if you still have questions, please feel free to email me with anything – I’m always here to help.