A new life without sleep.

Baby Harper

Hi Ladies, It has been so long since my last post and I am so sorry about that – but with my new addition Miss Harper Mae, my adorable now 7 week-old baby girl I have been inspired to re…

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Quick Tips

Product Flatlay

My quick tips for the women on the go – ladies, the following tips will hopefully help you to achieve a beautiful glowing complexion for the busy women on the go – because honestly, who dose’nt want that extra five…

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Numéro Quatre – Day Four


Day four and going strong! My willpower that is – not my quivering arms from all of those nasty burpies Kristal had us doing at last nights class! But seriously loving this journey and can’t believe I’m only four days…

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Numéro Un – Day One


How does that saying go – nothing worth doing is easy? Well I can defiantly agree there – not to say that I don’t feel proud of my accomplishments for the day – but I’m still not going to sit…

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Featured Author

Mind, Body, Spirit – Olivia’s View

Olivia Arezzolo

Elle James, your life is about to transform. You’re well aware of the body hate, self sabotage and unrealistic pressure you’ve placed upon yourself in the past. You’re conscious of the fact that it hasn’t been about being healthy, it’s…

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Cooly really does Rock On

Bop Jonny's flat lay

The expression “following the sunshine” was taken quite literally this past week, when I undertook an epic road trip from Melbourne to Coolangatta, Queensland – for the ever so popular Cooly Rocks on Festival and to say I wasn’t the…

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