Hannah Gilbert and Elle James are best friends + creatives who are constantly dreaming of their next big project, their next creative escape from reality and the next trend in all things beauty, fashion, lifestyle and photography. “We have been working within the beauty and photography industry respectively for over a decade and we’ve seen so many trends come and go. If there is one thing we have realised over these years, it is that simple is always going to be best! We have created our own work style based on this fact.” – Hannah as a lifestyle photographer, Hannah’s work is natural, raw and as it happens. Her focus is to capture the special moments and those raw emotions. Our sessions offer you the opportunity to relax and be pampered. In the weeks leading up to your session we will get to know you and design a session based around who you are.We will discuss clothing options and of course you will have your hair and makeup created to reflect the most beautiful version of you.From working in the makeup and fashion industry for over a decade now my style and aesthetic for capturing natural and beautiful images has been well developed. Hannah as my creative work partner is a perfect match – our style and ideas of capturing beautiful, natural images are so alike that creating detailed concepts for our clients is a breeze. My passion for the editorial makeup industry really shows in our work. My makeup will showcase your most beautiful features and give you timeless, beautiful images.

Make sure you you send us an email at [email protected] if you have your own Raw Beauty Styled questions.